2011 | (re)claim



verb and noun

[cf. Eng. claimen, Fr. claimer, Ltn. clāmō, Grk. καλέω] call or name; cry out; call for (someone's notice and thought); summon; state or assert that something is the case; assert that one has gained or achieved (something); assert one's right; avow; formally request or demand; say that one owns or has earned (something); declare; cause the loss of (someone or something); a call, shout; a demand of ownerhip; an assertion of the truth of something; a demand or request for something considered one's due; entitlement to; victory.



verb and noun

[cf. A-N. reclaimer, Fr. reclamer, Ltn. reclāmāre] recall or call back; call out against; retrieve or recover (something previously lost or given), obtain the return of; get back; redeem (someone) from a state of vice, reform, or return someone to a proper course of action; save; tame or civilize (an animal or person); put right, correct, or remedy; the calling back; the action or process of reclaiming or being reclaimed; the state of being so reclaimed; repossession; the bringing back or recalling of a person; the fetching of someone back; an effort to take something back; a challenge or protest; improvement.